Farm Policy

We are a traditional mixed arable/livestock family farm. All our cattle are extensively grazed. In the summer the young stock graze traditional unfertilised, unsprayed water meadows. In the winter they are housed and fed our own home grown maize silage.

All our cows spend their lives outside on extensive dry ground, and our single suckled calves stay with their mothers for nine months. We calve throughout the year. All our animals are kept to the highest welfare standards. We are a Farm Assured Beef And Lamb registered farm (20805). We have never had a case of B. S. E. and regularly test for all relevant diseases.

The farm has a progressive conservation and environmental policy, with a Farm Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) plan for the whole farm. We maintain our hedgerows, have countryside stewardship and manage our farm to benefit wildlife. Although we are not yet organic, we use environmental weed wipes on our grassland.

We NEVER use hormones, GM foods, growth promoters or antibiotics in the feed.

Our beef is natural.

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